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Every time I read a bio and it’s written in the 3rd person I think, "I'm sure you wrote this yourself, why are you writing in the 3rd person??"  Must be sophomore year English class that has made me sensitive to grammar.  Therefore,  I’ve decided I’m writing in the first person, because I don’t have an assistant or a secretary or, any help at all right now!!! Just me……getting started on a long held dream….

I’m Kathleen, owner, chief writer, editor and do-it-all here at Radiate From Within. And what am I all about?  Health, wellness, parenting, surviving, conquering fears and well, being happy.

I am a certified yoga teacher (since 2004).  I could list all my workshops and certifications and what not, but, I won’t. I have lots of experience but am not currently teaching public classes. I can consult and provide private yoga for all walks of life, shoot me an email ( or contact me via my IG account,

@radiate_from_within. We can chat.

I am a certified Neurosculpting® Meditation teacher. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot is Neuroculpting®??? Neurosculpting® is an organized, five-step meditation process that allows us to delve deeply into areas of our lives and CHANGE them. That’s what the “sculpt” is for….sculpting a new brain. Through an organized series of five steps, the meditator chooses an area to explore (anxiety, fear, grief, for example). The Neurosculpting® facilitator will gently lead the meditator on a journey to facilitate change in the brain. Please check out The Neurosculpting Institute ( for more information, workshops and materials. My intention is to provide private mediation and workshops. Although I am local to CT, we can Skype, Zoom, and FB live to meet your individual or group needs.

I am (and have been) a physical therapist since 1988. WHAAAATTT!!! (I graduated from PT school when I was 12.) So, I’m about specificity. My main goal is to provide customized programs for individuals and businesses to meet YOUR needs. I love designing and creating as much as I love teaching.

Last, but not least (actually last but most I think),  I’m obsessed with the 7 dimensions of wellness and having health from  all angles. Health is so much more than a fit body and balanced nutrition. We need a healthy spiritual life, meaningful work, supportive personal connections and a connection to something more. Health looks different for each of us.

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